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IT Invent is designed for automating the stocking and inventory of computer
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1 December 2015

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This is an inventory control program for managing IT inventory.

IT Invent is will let you manage the stocking and inventory of computer hardware and other equipment in your business. You would be able to stay on top of what exactly you have, what hardware or software licenses need to be renewed or maintenance to be scheduled, etc. The back-end database used could be MS Access or MS SQL Server. That gives you a means of limiting the investments. Start with Access database and graduate to the more expensive MS SQL Server later as your requirements grow. Procurement related activities like PO can be generated. Maintaining history of changes is done easily. This can include complete chronological history of repairs and preventive maintenance of the items of equipment you have. Inventory/asset barcode labels could be created by the program and the labels used on the machine items.

Managing contact details of suppliers, service providers and other collaborators and partners can be managed easily. Related programs and accessories can be linked with the main equipment so that it is easy to maintain the configurations and track the status, update requirements, etc. Linking of those responsible to the specific equipment also is made simple. Reporting is made simple with the built in formats, you can create your own too. Multiple users from different offices can easily work off the same database. Everyone is on the same page as far as status of the equipment held in the organization. Data import through Excel, emails for events and interaction with Active Directory are some more convenience features. Installer is in Russian though and that is a big irritation. The interface is in English, once the application is installed. You should set aside some time for familiarity with the interface as there are a lot of things that can be done.

Publisher's description

IT Invent is designed for automating the stocking and inventory of computer hardware and other equipment in businesses. It helps you to be up to date on your computer park, obtain various reports, and plan maintenance and renewing of your computers.
Key options:
- Working with MS Access and MS SQL databases.
- Unique system of creation and a press of inventory labels.
- conducting history of changes on the equipment.
- the account of repairs and preventive maintenance of the equipment.
- logic linkage of programs and accessories with the equipment.
- fastening of configuration units to responsibles.
- conducting base of suppliers, the service organizations and other partners.
- flexible differentiation of access rights for users of system.
- a Plenty of the built in reports with an opportunity
IT Invent
IT Invent
Version 1.60
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